Dressage Saddlepad Diamond – Cal Rei


Brands:Cal Rei

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Product Description

The “spring effect” caused by millions of vertical microfibers that are interconnected with each other, provides a perfect distribution of pressure, avoiding any joint pain or discomfort to the horses, in addition to a perfect adaptation to the body of the animal.

Due to its excellent ventilation and textile properties, the excessive accumulation of moisture and sweat is avoided, allowing it to evaporate during training.

Its maintenance, comfort and durability are unique and incomparable. Its resistance, firmness, elasticity and hardness will be prolonged in time, being practically unalterable during its use.

We will also enjoy a unique hygiene thanks to its ventilation, since there will be no accumulation of moisture or sweat and we can also wash it easily without washing machines needed.

The high resistance Otomán border, which contrasts with the base of the product, makes this collection an elegant but resistant product. Excellent for those who make a difference with only a touch of fantasy in gold, silver and bronze.

Technical characteristics: 

Thickness: 12 mm

3D Fabric Size: 56 x 55 cm