Flex-On Black Frame, Grey Elastomers


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Shock-Absorbing Stirrups 
Developed through the partnership between a showjumper and an engineer (Caroline and Laurent Bordes), Flex-on set about creating a solution for the sore knees and ankles experienced by many riders on the competition circuit and the Flex-on Stirrup was born.

FLEX-ON offers you much more than a just range of stirrups – it provides unequalled performance and comfort whatever your discipline and whatever your goals.

Some of the benefits:

  • absorb vibration and reduce fatigue to the joints
  • reduce wear and tear on the muscles
  • promote a good saddle position
  • adapt to your style of riding (stirrups can be personalised for each discipline) and your needs

According to a Sport Control study in 2012, Flex-On stirrups were demonstrated to be the best suited to equestrian sports: they absorb vibrations in the different joints, reduce the burden of muscle work either to help the position in the saddle or to help riders protect themselves against vibrations.

Frame: Black

Elastomers: Grey

Footbed: Incline/Ultra Grip